What Does the Lean Six Sigma Model Benefit to My Organization?

Lean Six Sigma Model BenefitProbably you are wondering what is lean six sigma. This is a powerful method aimed at improving your business effectiveness and efficiency in your company. The combination of these two words; lean and six sigma complement each other and when applied well at the same time, the outcome is quality results. Objectives set by the organization as the employees get satisfaction in what they are doing. There are various benefits associated with using this lean six sigma. Bearing in mind the challenges encountered in the business environment, adopt this to counter such problems and grow your business. The benefits include;

  • Increasing revenue; this is because of the streamlining of processes in the organization. The interplaying factors from the production throughout to the final product are completed promptly at no additional cost. Even with faster processes, the quality is not compromised at any given time. The costs of production are minimized, the rate of production increased that boosts your revenues within a short period. The cost-benefit scale will favor you at all stages and leave satisfaction at different management levels because the output levels justify the input efforts.
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency; this is achieved by maximizing your employee’s effort to deliver a service or product you are producing to your clients. The employees are motivated to build quality without the watchful eye of their supervisors because they understand the goals the company aims to achieve. The lean six sigma ensures the organization’s processes are delivered efficiently, but the previous quality before this new model is not altered. It’s a guarantee that they will be more satisfied more than before.
  • Employee development; as the company grows, the employees become too because they are not strangers anymore where you relation is just them working and you paying the salaries. The employees are now involved in the improvement process as you incorporate this new model. They are tasked to be accountable, participate and engage in the development strategies in that they have a role to play. With their involvement, you are building trust and transparency with your employees. That enough will ensure the success of your organization at all levels because of the shared top down management and vice versa. The employees are now part of the administration in the lower tier because of the accountability and ownership you have bestowed on them.


If you are still wondering what is lean six sigma, the above benefits will make you to fast track the implementation of this model instantly to your firm. Take time and introduce gradually as you assess the progress.

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