Adding the Six Sigma Green Belt Test to Your Resume

Six Sigma Green Belt TestIn basic terms, the six sigma approach can be defined as a management system that is intended to help businesses produces goods and services efficiently and with the least amount of problems possible.  The green belt certification is mid-level certification in the entire six sigma program but it is definitely something that you should include in your resume. After you have taken the six sigma green belt test and gotten your certification, make sure that this information is very visible in your resume. You will be shocked to see the good number of prospective employees that will come running towards you once they see this on your resume.

The main idea behind the six sigma approach is to make sure that all the defects in business processes that are being used are measurable. Once the defects have been measures, the next step usually involves completely eliminating them. Granted this cannot be done overnight so it isdone systematically.

Basically, the approach looks to provide businesses with a way that they can be able to still provide quality to the market without having to incur very heavy expenses. There are different levels of certification on this program depending on the regulatory body of where you depend to take the certification from. Typically however, you will go through the yellow certification, then progress on to the orange certification after which you can move to the green certification then the black belt certification and ultimately the master black belt certification.

Depending on the role that you have taken in the workplace and how far you envision your career to go, it is important that you take the right level of certification. It has been noticed that most people choose to go for the green belt certification. This is a good level to reach as it is mid-level and has great recognition in the market. Green belt certification holders are usually allowed to lead mid-level projects and they do get paid good money. So once you have taken your six sigma green belt test, make sure that it prominently appears in your resume that you have had this training. In the education section of the resume, carefully list all your diplomas and degrees.

Once you are through with them, and then move on to the certifications. Begin by writing the sub-heading ‘certifications’ so it can be clear what you are talking about to anyone reading through your resume. Just below the subtitle, write down the name of the institution form which you got the certification then follow with the words ‘Six Sigma Green Belt Certified’ and put SSGBC in brackets.