The Six Sigma Green Belt Exam

Six Sigma Green Belt ExamTo most readers who will be reading this article, you will agree with me that this topic will be most probably be very new to you. But you should not worry. I have taken the liberty to break down the nitty gritties that pertain to the six sigma green belt exam and to shade more light on this pertinent matter in the current world we live in. Not many people in the world are well familiar with this but by reading this piece you are going to at least have a snippet of what it all entails about.

So perhaps you are wondering, what is the six sigma green belt exam? Well, this is an exam or rather an accreditation test that is regulated by the International Association for Six Sigma certification. It is an exam that acts as a confirmation of one’s capabilities with respect to specific competencies for the necessary requirements that they need to get accredited for. The exam is overseen by the IASSC and although the exam is mainly done in the United States, the body has an international mandate for the six sigma exam and those willing to do the exam have to make an application to the body.

The examination process involves learning the respective course, passing a written proficiency test and most importantly, displaying accurate competency in a practical environment that will determine whether you have gained the knowledge that you need and even the practicability of the respective subject matter. In normal circumstances, you will buy a training session that entails a variety of knowledge and durations for all the six sigma levels that include the green belt, black belt and the master black belt but in this case we are focused on the green belt exam. This is the most fundamental level of six sigma while the others are higher levels.

But with all that said, the most important thing is to be able to display your mastery of the subject in a practical experience. This ensures that you are able to put your skills into use on the real world situations and problems. The hands-on competency is the most uncertain stage after doing a proficiency test. It is usually not well defined what determines the passing criteria. But what matters most is that you are able to solve the real life problems. Get certified today and redefine your career.