Six Sigma Green Belt Exam and Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt Exam and CertificationThe Six sigma approach was developed in the 1980s by Motorola Inc and since then it has really grown in popularity. It is used far and wide in the manufacturing industry today and there are so many businesses that are benefiting from its implementation in the work place.

The six sigma processes have their focus on being able to eliminate defects and waste; they work to ensure that these two are done away with by concentrating more on the feedback that is given by customers and on quality control. You would actually be shocked at the large number of people in the world today that are getting jobs simply on the basis of the fact that they have the six sigma certification. Having this certification has become an automatic drawer of employers’ attention towards a prospective employee.

To get the certification, you need to undergo the six sigma training. The six sigma has different levels.  Every level is differentiated from the next one by the color of belt; same as what is done in martial arts.The level that you will take will normally depend on the role that you have taken on in the workplace and the production processes that you are typically involved in.

The best thing about this certification is that it does not have any universal standards thus different certifiers will have varying levels. This makes it easier for you as a prospectivestudent as it is much easier to take something that will be specifically tailor made to your needs.  There are associations that provide for white belt certifications all the way to the master black belt certification while there are those that simply provide for yellow, green and black belt certification.,

It does not really matter what certification you choose to go with. The basic fact is that before you do get that certification, you will have to attend the training classes, sit for an exam and excel in that exam. For instance, to be able to get the six sigma green belt certification, you will need to sit for the six sigma green belt exam.

The certification that you will get will be specific to the level of training that you take and the exam that you will sit for. This simply means that sitting for the six sigma green belt examwill only get you the green belt certification. If you choose to maybe advance to the black belt, you will need to again training and sit an exam for the black belt certification.