Best Online Six Sigma Certification Programs

Best Online Six Sigma Certification ProgramsNowadays, many companies and employers value employees with six sigma courses quite a lot.  Some of the big organizations actually pay for their employees to take these programs online, and at times they also certify employees with six sigma courses. However, there are still many employers who find it difficult to pick a candidate who learnt their six sigma courses online; which is why you ought to be careful on which programs you take. Read the article below for more information.

The biggest challenge among employers is to prove that your six sigma certificate proves you have the skills and knowledge expected of a six sigma student. Often more times than not, students who attend the best six sigma online certification programs don’t have a challenge convincing their employers they are truly qualified. However, knowing which program is the best for your budget and convenience is the biggest challenge to students. So, how can you study online and still attract the attention of employers once you are through with the six sigma course?

Understand what you want

Knowing what role you want the six sigma course you are about to pursue will play in your career can really help you take time to invest in the best six sigma online certification program. If you are a manager already, or if you are eyeing for a managerial position after this course, you probably want to learn the best techniques and tools six sigma is widely known for. But since the cheapest program won’t help you learn these skills in the best way, you will be prepared to sacrifice your money and resources for the best online option.

Assess the Pros and Cons

Pursuing six sigma certification programs has its own set of pros and cons, and you should therefore be certain that you can cope with the cons if you wish to remain motivated and determined to go through the six sigma programs and pass in your exams.  Fortunately if you already have identified a great online studying option, the benefits you stand to gain are plenty. Convenience to study when you feel like it, unlimited support from your trainers and cost effectiveness for instance are three big benefits of studying online. The biggest challenge with online study methods however is that they may offer fewer skills and course topics than in other organizations; which might mean you are not fully prepared and equipped as a six sigma graduate.




Understanding More About What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six SigmaSimilar with six sigma, lean sigma pertains to a tool that is precisely used to integrate production as well as manufacturing processes. For a fact, the primary emphasis on this methodology is on eliminating wasteful and useless steps in the manufacturing of goods so that merely steps that substantially bring significance to the goods are taken.

Let us delve into what is lean six sigma on a deeper sense:

In reality, the sole approach to figure out is something has significance or not is to mull over whether a customer would be enthusiastic to pay for it. What is more, any component of the production that does not bring essence is directly cut out from the equation- this shall leave a greatly concentrated and lucrative process in place that shall flow effectively and uncomplicatedly.

What should know more about lean six sigma?

This is actually a management approach to improving business performance. In addition, it has consolidated two individual specialisms known as six and lean sigma. It is worthy of note that both management schemes are regarded as among the most considered globally and have been successful in a broad array of services and industries.

Essentially, the use of lean six sigma enables adeptness as well as quality improvements to be efficiently recognized. Here, the emphasis is about efficiency, speed and eliminating what is useless in the process. Furthermore, it concentrates on expertise and elimination of errors.

More than that, when integrated and employed correctly, it could be a very effective management tool which could tremendously upgrade the performance of an organization through providing a methodized approach to addressing and solving issues. In actuality, lean six sigma is quite beneficial in bringing about immediate advancements whether in a service-based or manufacturing context.

What is lean six sigma and how is it different from six sigma?

Both of them certainly have the same objective. This simply conveys that they both seek to get rid of the waste and come up with the most useful system probable. However, they take distinct methods toward accomplishing this objective.

In a nutshell, the main distinction between six sigma and lean six sigma is that they point out the root cause of errors in a distinct approach. Furthermore, practitioners of lean six sigma believe that waste originates from useless steps in the manufacturing process that do not bring about any significance to the final product. Meanwhile, proponents of six sigma contend that waste is highly connected with the discrepancy within the process.

What Does the Lean Six Sigma Model Benefit to My Organization?

Lean Six Sigma Model BenefitProbably you are wondering what is lean six sigma. This is a powerful method aimed at improving your business effectiveness and efficiency in your company. The combination of these two words; lean and six sigma complement each other and when applied well at the same time, the outcome is quality results. Objectives set by the organization as the employees get satisfaction in what they are doing. There are various benefits associated with using this lean six sigma. Bearing in mind the challenges encountered in the business environment, adopt this to counter such problems and grow your business. The benefits include;

  • Increasing revenue; this is because of the streamlining of processes in the organization. The interplaying factors from the production throughout to the final product are completed promptly at no additional cost. Even with faster processes, the quality is not compromised at any given time. The costs of production are minimized, the rate of production increased that boosts your revenues within a short period. The cost-benefit scale will favor you at all stages and leave satisfaction at different management levels because the output levels justify the input efforts.
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency; this is achieved by maximizing your employee’s effort to deliver a service or product you are producing to your clients. The employees are motivated to build quality without the watchful eye of their supervisors because they understand the goals the company aims to achieve. The lean six sigma ensures the organization’s processes are delivered efficiently, but the previous quality before this new model is not altered. It’s a guarantee that they will be more satisfied more than before.
  • Employee development; as the company grows, the employees become too because they are not strangers anymore where you relation is just them working and you paying the salaries. The employees are now involved in the improvement process as you incorporate this new model. They are tasked to be accountable, participate and engage in the development strategies in that they have a role to play. With their involvement, you are building trust and transparency with your employees. That enough will ensure the success of your organization at all levels because of the shared top down management and vice versa. The employees are now part of the administration in the lower tier because of the accountability and ownership you have bestowed on them.


If you are still wondering what is lean six sigma, the above benefits will make you to fast track the implementation of this model instantly to your firm. Take time and introduce gradually as you assess the progress.

Adding the Six Sigma Green Belt Test to Your Resume

Six Sigma Green Belt TestIn basic terms, the six sigma approach can be defined as a management system that is intended to help businesses produces goods and services efficiently and with the least amount of problems possible.  The green belt certification is mid-level certification in the entire six sigma program but it is definitely something that you should include in your resume. After you have taken the six sigma green belt test and gotten your certification, make sure that this information is very visible in your resume. You will be shocked to see the good number of prospective employees that will come running towards you once they see this on your resume.

The main idea behind the six sigma approach is to make sure that all the defects in business processes that are being used are measurable. Once the defects have been measures, the next step usually involves completely eliminating them. Granted this cannot be done overnight so it isdone systematically.

Basically, the approach looks to provide businesses with a way that they can be able to still provide quality to the market without having to incur very heavy expenses. There are different levels of certification on this program depending on the regulatory body of where you depend to take the certification from. Typically however, you will go through the yellow certification, then progress on to the orange certification after which you can move to the green certification then the black belt certification and ultimately the master black belt certification.

Depending on the role that you have taken in the workplace and how far you envision your career to go, it is important that you take the right level of certification. It has been noticed that most people choose to go for the green belt certification. This is a good level to reach as it is mid-level and has great recognition in the market. Green belt certification holders are usually allowed to lead mid-level projects and they do get paid good money. So once you have taken your six sigma green belt test, make sure that it prominently appears in your resume that you have had this training. In the education section of the resume, carefully list all your diplomas and degrees.

Once you are through with them, and then move on to the certifications. Begin by writing the sub-heading ‘certifications’ so it can be clear what you are talking about to anyone reading through your resume. Just below the subtitle, write down the name of the institution form which you got the certification then follow with the words ‘Six Sigma Green Belt Certified’ and put SSGBC in brackets.

How to Prepare for a Six Sigma Green Belt Test

Six Sigma Green Belt TestStudying for the six sigma green belt test can be quite a task. It is thus important to put your all into it. Just like in all other tests you do in your life, you need to be well prepared before you start. This involves getting all the materials you need for the preparation. You need to source for information on the test in order to go through it.

For starters, it is important for you to define exactly what you wish to get out of it. The experience accomplishes different things from different people and you need to know what it will do for you. It is a tough experience and many people quit before finishing. Knowing the goals or your own end game as a result it will help you stay focused. It will also help improve your concentration as many tend to drift off when studying for something.

You also need to get a foundation on the Six Sigma Green Belt Test body of knowledge. This involves getting to know and understand all the concepts involved in the study. This goes a long way in taking the test as once you understand the concepts it would be so much easier to tackle the test. Getting a good foundation could be possible by taking the role of an instructor and trying to teach the topic. You may find that you understand everything better this way.

You could also take the option of getting a formal education to tackle the six sigma green belt test. Even though you can be able to do it on your own, having an instructor or attending class may be good for you as you do not have to struggle with understanding the concepts all on your own. The support you get from formal education is often a confidence booster during the test. The classes will also allow you to interact with other people taking the same test and you can share ideas as well as revise together. All in all, having people around that are undergoing the same experiences helps in handling the experience better.

You could also learn by teaching. You could volunteer to teach that topic or even decide to write something informative about it. This helps in gaining mastery of the topic. It could be by writing an article or making a power point presentation.